Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Back........I Think........I Hope!

Wow, it's been a whole month.  What happened?

I'm glad you asked.

Turns out 12 year old daughters and computers don't always mix well.

First she picked up 26 or so viruses (even those kiddie sites can be hiding some wickedness).  Once our wonderful computer genius friend waded through all of that mess and fixed it I squeezed in the April 6th post here and then the following happened...

*My Photoshop Elements ceased to work.  Groan.
*Above mentioned daughter decided to use computer to download photos while parents were out on a date (after being grounded from the computer for the aforementioned viruses - Hey, she had been warned countless times not to click on anything that would take her off the site that we had approved of) and of course tried to access Photoshop Elements to do so.
*At this point in time the Operating System said, "NO MORE!!!" and crashed giving us what we would soon come to know as The Blue Screen of Death. 
*Long-suffering, kind, computer genius is called again in desperate frustration.  He makes 15 discs of info. on mother board then wipes the whole thing clean starting us up again with a totally clean slate.  Now I have my lovely computer back like a fresh spankin' new baby (without the wonderful baby smell, but I'm not complaining).

Oh, did I mention that when the lovely daughter whom I decided not to ground for life, but close to it, tried to access Photoshop Elements she panicked and TOOK OUT HER MEMORY CARD WHILE THE CUTE LITTLE CAMERA SHAPED LIGHT WAS FLASHING ON THE PRINTER? 

No?  Well, she did (insert groan, sigh, weeping and gnashing of teeth here). 
The manual that comes with the printer states at least half a dozen times that this will cause a large crater to form sucking up the perpetrator.

Oh, if only my daughter had been so lucky.

So, once my computer was back up and working I discovered my printer was no...longer...working.

At all.

That is why there are no photos on this post.  Actually, what photo could I post even if I wanted to? 
A photo of me crying?
A photo of my daughter crying?
A photo of my computer wizard friend crying?

Anyway, today I took the 191 dollar steps (can I weep again?) that it will take to replace my printer in 5 to 7 business days.

I hope anyone who reads this hasn't totally abandoned me.  I really have missed my blog and those of you who have so kindly decided to follow me.  I'm sorry I've had nothing for you to follow lately.  I promise to come back with a vengeance once my shiny new printer gets here and I figure it out. 

By the way, do you have any suggestions for jobs for my daughter could do to pay me back for the printer?

The more disgusting the better...

but it can't take place anywhere near the computer.