Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Card

Well, this is not what I intended to post today.  For one thing I'm supposed to make something  new every week to post on Monday, but alas I cannot today.  I'm learning you can't make something for Monday by starting it on Sunday.  Who'd-a-thunk!  Especially if it involves paint, sewing, stamping and other stuff.  I'm trying something new, (Oooh, I do love trying new things) but it won't be done until Wednesday.  Barring, of course, any unforseen hurricanes and since I have three children and live in never knows.  To make it up to you (that is if there are any of you) I'm going to post a card I made not too long ago.  Then I'll post my project on Wednesday and I'll try to do it earlier in the day.  I don't like to make people wait.  Even if they might just be imaginary people in my head.

I think it's cute.  My inspiration was my desire to use some $1 stickers I bought at Target a while back.  It's hard to see in the picture, but they have sparkly dots on them.  I love like, a whole lot, (had to change that for my father-in-law since he's so fond of reminding us that one can only love people, not things) (Love yah, Dad!) the dollar bins at Target.  There's always something fun to play with there.

By-the-way, yesterday's Stuffed French Toast was amazing!!!  Everyone loved it.  You must try!

Ugh!  My photos are so unfabulous.  I'm working on it though.  I simply can't embarass my amazingly talented photographer sister with these sub-par photos.  She deserves better. 

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