Monday, March 1, 2010

My New Bag

Isn't she lovely!
Just Make Something Monday #9

I am loving this bag!  I found this tutorial on Elizabeth Hartman's blog Oh, Fransson.  I fell in love with the black flowered bag in the photo.  I had such a great shape.  The fabric was not something I could come satisfactorily close to in the local fabric shop, but I do like what I chose. 
Not ever having made a bag before I didn't realize how big this bag would end up.  I had thought to use it as a purse, but in the end decided it would work very well for carrying around my portable projects.  Right now it houses some of the yarn I plan to use in making some crocheted granny squares (pattern also found on another blog) that will hopefully become a couple of pillows and a throw for my bed.  Funny thing is...I don't crochet.  The pattern is for advanced beginners, but I am determined.  I like doing new things.  I do that a lot when we have company over for dinner.  Our guests are always guinea pigs for some new dish I'm trying, but I digress (as I often do). 
This bag is destined to become my frequent companion.  I love the contrasting lining, the pockets and the vintage button I used from my beloved button box.  It is so well constructed.  I say this not to pat myself on the back, but to give praise to Elizabeth.  It is very sturdy and ever so attractive.   True, it took me many hours to make, but it has been awhile since I made anything of substance on my sewing machine.  I think my husband felt a little neglected, but he has resigned himself quite nicely to my year long commitment to craft.  I promise I made it up to him later.  Digressing again (sigh...I'm afraid you'll have to get used to it)...
Needless to say, I enjoyed making this bag very much.   I learned a lot from making Elizabeth's bag.  Things I will be able to use in my own future projects.  The wheels are turning.

I am making myself a list of all the projects I plan to work on in the months to come.  How is it possible that there is always something new being added to this list that I am excited about doing?

Somewhat craft related:
I am participating in a stationery swap.  Fun, fun, fun!  Who knows how I ended up there, but I signed up to participate in it on Megan's blog Time After Tea.  (Oh the joys of blog hopping!)
I am torn between asking my partner what she would like and just totally surprising her.  I hope she isn't too disappointed in the fact that I'm in the states.  After all the swap host is in Austrailia and from what I've learned from my partner's blog, she likes to travel.   Oh well, Florida is like its own little country.  I'm sure I can come up with something lovely for her.  I love the challenge of making the most of a $15 spending limit.

(Oh my goodness.  I am a super word nerd and I just discovered I've been spelling stationery incorrectly all my life!  I always spelled it stationary!!  Thanks Megan for helping me learn something new.  Just don't tell my Mom.  She's where I inherited my nerdiness.  In a good way.)

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