Monday, March 15, 2010

What's the Use?

My head hurts! 
It seems I've had these thoughts floating around in my head for some time and I'm ready to get them out.
I don't know how much sense I'm going to make, but I will try. 

I enjoy making things.  I like pretty things.  Invariably I end up buying things that have no practical purpose in my home other than the fact that they are pleasing to me. 
I can't help but struggle with the desire to make things that have no true lasting value other than the pleasure they bring myself and others.  I wonder if my time wouldn't be spent more wisely attending to my family and more practical needs.  There seem to be so many more important things to do and yet I love making things.  I love looking at things.  It's just so enjoyable, but is that what life is all about?  If I shouldn't be enjoying making and seeing beautiful things, because I should be using my time to pursue more lasting endeavours, then why do I have the desire to do so?  Why did God give me this desire to create?  Why did He give me this talent (at least I think I have talent)?   Is it really from God or is it just a testing ground to help me die-to-self in order to make a more enlightened choice that may well bring me more satisfaction in the end?
I just can't seem to reconcile the creating and procurement of trifles when there seem to be so many more important things that I should be spending my time on.  However, the fact is that I would be saddened to have to put away creating and enjoying lifes beautiful offerings. 

I'm not Mother Theresa, but should I be trying to be more like her or the other great people who give all they have for the benefit of others?

I guess it all boils down to wanting to do something important, but not having to give up what I enjoy to do so.  The previous statement just makes me think "are my desires more important than what's truly important?"
Has anyone else had these thoughts?  Have you come to a satisfactory conclusion?  Please share your thoughts.  It would be a huge help to me.  Sometimes it takes others to point out that which is not obvious to ones self.

I have been away on vacation and haven't made anything for last Monday or this one.  Perhaps it was meant to be so I could ruminate more on the above topic.  I do have some things in the works so next week will be more than covered.  However, it will be interesting to see where this post will take me concerning my future craftiness.
That is, assuming anyone else will read this and feel compelled to offer their thoughts and opinions.

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  1. Looks like you have a comment here! Right now! Excuse me if I didn't read this, but normally I like to wander through old posts when I find a new interesting blog, I click in "Older Post" until there isn't any older post anymore and I am tempted to write comments most of the time in older posts but I realized that in a lot of cases no one will answer me if I ask something or they probably don't know I left a comment in such a old post. I start to think that people only care of new posts, no one care to go back and read old ones.

    Well, now about your writing. If what you call to "procurement of trifles" gives you pleasure why do not like it? Maybe you feel you are wasting time because the day look short when there are so many things to do and you feel your time running fast while you are making and appreciating those "unimportant" things? IF they give you pleasure i really think you should care about it and do it, but not unduly, measure what you have to do, the moments you can be free to care and spoil your own self, because we need it, and do what you want!

    I guess Mother Theresa chose her own path, we are not obliged to follow the same just because she did great things, but we can do great things too. What would be the blue if everyone liked the yellow? Do you understand what I mean?

    I feel terribly sad because you said something I think a lot of times.. that most of the people don't read posts. I really think that some people love blogs with short sentences and tons of images where they can comment like "nice", or "beautiful and nice card", get it? I love to read! I wished that more people could read what I write and I would have directed my blog to other path, to a more literary one, well choices!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day dear Tina, and I hope you enjoy reading this and see that some people really care to read :D