Monday, March 22, 2010

Something Practical

Today's Just Make Something Monday #10


Was necessitated by THIS:

I can only imagine what it must have looked like from the outside of the house.  (My poor neighbors!) 

Our home only has six windows.  Yeah, six.  So, we decided to cut this nice little window in our front door several years ago to give us some more natural light. 

This is what I see each morning.  Nice.

This is more like the light we see in the late afternoon when we sometimes watch TV. 
Not so nice. 
The sun either shines right in our eyes as we sit on the sofa or it shines on the TV screen making it difficult to see clearly.
This is where the flannel pajama pants came in.  They were a fix by lovely husband. 
I knew I had wanted to make a curtain for this area for some time, but the PJ's gave me a huge push to get it done.  I must say that I am very pleased with the results.

I found the fabric when I was in Jacksonville with my Mom.  It was perfect.  You see, I had originally found the clips (they're magnetic since my door is metal) at Walmart and they had almost the same pattern as the bottom fabric. 

Here is a close-up.  So pretty and yet modern looking.

If you look closely at the PJ photo you can see a little red gingerbread man shaped clip at the top left of the pants.  We used to have two of these that we used to hang a kitchen towel over the window.  A quick fix that was just a step or two above the pants.  I think you will have to agree that this new curtain beats our previous solutions.

The ribbon separating the two fabrics was my most difficult decision.  I had wanted to add some red to it with some flowered ribbon, but I decided to play it safe.   I think I may make a small bag out of the fabic I have left over.  Maybe I'll add the flowered ribbon there.  

 In an added bit of irony, I also added a flannel liner between the layers to totally block out the sun. 
I guess the flannel pants made a permanent mark after all.
The final effect is more like a giant placemat than a curtain, but it works.
  I used the same technique I used in this bag I made to adhere the flannel.  It worked wonderfully well.  It's fun how the things you learn doing one thing get used making others. 


I'm planning to start posting more often.  We'll see how that works.  Tomorrow...or maybe the next day...the answers I got concerning my post on March 15th.   Yep, looks like there aren't any....or are there? 


  1. The magnets are really beautiful... the the close photo I thought it was a ring :S *ah ah* But why to hide the light that come from from the small window? Don't feel upset here most of the older house ( and not those modern ones, some are almost all made in glass, window everywhere!) only have a window in which room, so they don't have that much either. So you made the curtain... I think it is beautiful, I love the mixing of green with black and white in different patterns.

    Now I am trying to post every two days, I used to post not very often, but I really want to get commentaries and i realize the more posts we write the less comments you get, people tend to write comments in the new posts and forget the others, so if I post a lot most of the people will surely don't care about the posts they missed.


  2. Ha ha :D This one picture could have been taken in my brother's room. He always has the most entertaining ideas for dimming the light or not letting in sunlight.
    I really like the fabrics you used next month, there's going to be a fabric market in our city, a Dutch one that travells around in Germany and I plan to go there and buy something nice because I really miss sewing.

    Ah, and I have to agree to Joana. I noticed that people mainly care about the newest post on your blog and barely pay attention to the stuff you wrote before unless you posted a link somewhere, like the one for the stationery swap. I actually planned to post as often as possible but realised that I sometimes have no idea what to post about and sometimes I just have no time for doing so. :D

    Hope you enjoyed your day so far. :)

  3. What a great window covering!

    Sadly, the green house is not mine. :(

    My blog banner changes every month. Last month I had a pink banner so there was a pink house, etc.

    You can tell your kids you spoke with Laura Ingalls Wilder's cousin today. :)
    Click on early December if you want pictures of me in my pioneer garb. Cheesy.