Monday, March 29, 2010

One of My Greatest Masterpieces

In honor of one of my greatest masterpieces, created 6 years ago today, I will not be posting crafty goodness because no craft I could create could be better than this:

March 2004
Oh my...I had forgotten how amazingly wonderful he looked as an newborn.
If I could only go back in time for a few minutes just to smell him.

March 2010

Here he is today.  My Little Man.  He's still awfully adorable.  So snuggly and as funny as can be.  Happy Birthday sweetness.  I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be your Mommy and to experience life togther with you.  You are a magnificent blessing.


I promise to post a little something I made in the next couple of days.  I came up with several other Dollar Store crafts while I was working on Lindsay's challenge.  I'm particularly excited about this one that I have to share next.  Oh, who am I kidding?!  I'm excited about the one after it too.

Have a blessed day.  I'm off to make cake.


  1. aw, he really is cute.
    Happy birthday to him and I wish all of you a great day. :)

  2. I'm not sure if I am that good taking similarities from children and their parents because children are growing, but comparing you son's eyes with yours I think they are identical. He is gorgeous! Even as a newborn he looks so adorable. Happy Birthday to both, especially to him he deserve (: but you too because it was the day you gave birth to him.

    I am going to try to send you an e-mail, but if I couldn't I'll post a long message here.



  3. Hello dear Tina,
    I wasn’t sure if I could send you an e-mail via blogger, because I guess I need you e-mail, so here it comes.

    I referred to Lipton teas like the ugliest teas but I should say that here and around I can’t find much different qualities, there are only a few… of course if I go to some bigger supermarket I’ll find a lot of tea flavors and also other brands, but it doesn’t happen often. I never tried Bavarian Wild Berry, but if it ends with “berry” I guess I love it, I love wild berries all of them, everything that end up in “berry” I like *laugh*. I also only add a little spoon of tea and if I add milk I’ll not add sugar. Some people say that they don’t like tea because it tastes soapy, I guess they never tried good and tasty tea (: I’m not sure if all the teas work well with milk, I only do it when the package says I can, but you are free to try, and if it tastes it’s because I am wrong!

    Stationery: I am not addicted to it, probably because I never bought online, and still didn’t do it (even if my brother does it quite often), but I don’t have a job yet and I am not the kind of person who ask a lot of money to her parents, so I live well without it. I like to create and do what I can. Nobody can judge me because I don’t like cute stationery… I have no problem with who use it, but I don’t. I guess every person has a way to do it. However, it isn’t easy to find it in shops here as you said.

    You didn’t do penpalling? I thought you do (:, it isn’t a problem surely, I like you anyways! I guess you shouldn’t ask “regularly”! Some people can’t be regular at all, but I write with 12/13 pen friend, even I would prefer to call to some just friends. I do penpalling for almost one decade.

    Currently I live in my parents’ house and after 16h the lights start disappearing a little, but it’s not sun’s fault, but my parents fault when they built the house, I guess it is a little cultural. Now houses have really big windows and everything is checked until the last point, people know each room get lighter when they build the houses, in the past I guess it wasn’t like that.

    My last post is a proof that most of the people don’t like to read. In most of the post with more pictures and issues about penpalling or something else like a question people answer, but when it comes to a post which is most about a summary about a book and an author, it turn different, and most of the people even if they saw it they didn’t leave a comment, they could at least answer to my last question but I think they didn’t read it at all! :D, but I feel happy about the comments I am getting recently, they mean more to me than thousands of uninteresting ones. Anyway I am experimenting this books reviews, and I am thinking to leave it a little more there to see if it goes okay to people or not .

  4. (and Episode II of Joana's Saga - The revenge *:D)
    When I say "what would be the blue if everyone liked the yellow", I always think people think I am weird, or in the English version that I am psycho! *ahah* I think it is beautiful too and meaningful… When you said “I guess I just want what I do to mean something to someone other than myself” I reminded that my boyfriend used to tell me to write to myself not to the others… because I dream to be a writer but I am suffering of a blank moment, I think to much about what people will think about this and that, if they will like… and once I also read a writer telling he writes to people not to himself, would be miserable to write just to himself… I do want to write to people, I want that people like or not my work… this means I also like to show what I do to people and to make the others feel something about my work. So I understand you very well and I think you should do whatever you want, always try what you can, even if the answer aren’t the best, you keep trying… I wished someone could tell me this!!

    Here people only can take the car license to drive with 18. I just could do it now, also because it is very expensive and year after year it gets more expensive. Just to make you to have an idea, my driver license is costing what are two monthly earnings in Portugal (the minimum which is what most of the people who work hardly get… it’s pity…). It’s too much. I have the final and practical exam next 8, April.

    I was thinking and you sound a very gentle and interesting person to me, but comments not all the time are great to know someone deeper, so I thought you could give me your e-mail or I could give you mine and we could talk more and maybe be friends (: or at least share some more about our lives since we have been talking more than is usual here.

    All the love,

  5. Oh my goodness so adorable, now and then, happy birthday!

  6. What a precious masterpiece!! He is just as cute as cute can be! :) Hope he had a wonderful birthday!

  7. Heya :)
    I hope you had a nice week so far- I spent mine on writing a letter and watching tons of movies. :D
    Oh, in fact I'm looking forward to this, too, but I really hope that I'll manage to prepare everything before my parents get up on Sunday, it's already been a hard piece of work to buy everything I need without getting detected by my mum. :D I used the only three hours this week where she hasn't been at home but unfortunately had to tell my dad then why I leave the house again. :D He helped me finding a way to keep the food without having to put it into our fridge. :D
    However, my mum usually gets up far too early, even at the weekend, which leads to the problem that I have to get up terribly early on Sunday in order to prepare everything. I thought about baking my first bread ever tomorrow but she'll be in the kitchen a lot, I'm afraid, preparing the Easter dinner. So I have to do all this on Sunday morning. Including the table deco. :D
    We'll see how this ends up but I'll keep you guys up to date and will add photos on my blog afterwards. :)
    Ah, as you might have read by now, I decided to follow your idea and add some book reviews as soon as I find the time to do so. I shouldn't really care about whether or not people will read them as I know that there are at least three people on this planet who would do so. :) You're totally right.. and after all I think that the way you write and the books you choose tell much more about you than you're able to express with words so it might be a good way for you to get to know me and my life a bit better.
    I just hope that my book reviews won't bore you to death. :D
    Enjoy the Easter days, especially Easter Sunday, of course. I miss being a kid and go out for (chocolate) egg- hunting. :D

  8. Happy Easter! :)
    I hope you and your family enjoyed this day. :)