Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Make Something Monday #2

I'm going to quickly get this photo on here before the clock strikes midnight.

Apparently, making one thing a week isn't as easy as one might think.
At least not one who home schools or one whose husband is going through some major work stress. Not one who downloaded 2,700+ pictures earlier in the week and whose computer is threatening a blow-up if I don't do something about the overuse of space. Not one whose original plan just didn't work out...yet. And so much more.

Just to keep myself up to date I wanted to make sure I made something, even if it is a bit lame. I loved my high school art class, but I wasn't the best and being the firstborn perfectionist that I am I let it get to me and I stopped drawing. (Rose was the best and I sure hope she has done something with her "better-than-me" talent or all my inner angst has been for naught). I haven't drawn anything in forever. So, with limited time I decided to give it a go. Really it's just a glorified sketch. I think it is a sketch with a lot of potential though. I'd really like to do it as a mixed-media collage. It won't be my next JMSM (Just Make Something Monday) project though. I hope to get my original plan back in motion and use that instead. However, if the collage house works out fabulously it will be in the mix soon.

By the way... I won't be blogging about food for awhile. It's for my own protection really. Our church just started a 3 week fast and my husband and I are on board with only eating vegetables and fruits, with no additives except seasoning and I don't mean with butter. We know it will be worth it, but in the meantime I'm staying away from the Pioneer Woman's food tab on her blog. Today I saw Potatoes Au Gratin and about fainted.
Okay, I'm actually three, four minutes late getting this post in, but I know...I hope you'll forgive me. Alright, now it's five minutes.

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