Monday, January 25, 2010

Heart Pillow (JMSM #4)

Just Make Something Monday #4

I love hearts. I always have. It just can't be helped.

This is the perfect time of year to indulge myself in making them. After finishing this one I could easily envision a heart for each month, so don't be surprised if they show up on here. The very special thing about this one is that it uses the fabric from a red-checked shirt that both of my boys wore and that they looked so adorable in. I just couldn't part with it. I only had to use a small piece to make this heart so I have a lot left to make several more. I know I won't be using seed beads this time as an embellishment. They weren't terribly easy to use. I had to put them on Ugh! I had also mentioned some difficulty I was having getting the heart nicely rounded, but in spite of the challenges I think it turned out very well. I also really like the swiss dot (?) fabric I used for the top. This is actually from a blouse I bought at Goodwill. The ribbon is velvet and the mother-of-pearl buckle is from a favorite local shop, Retro Rosie . I had wanted to use a rhinestone buckle, but alas, I did not have one the right size.

We did several fun things this past week. Since I homeschool I like to do some fun things with my kids that are of an educational nature. This week we made butter and a volcano (not to be used together).
I remember sitting on the kitchen countertop as a little girl and making butter with my Mom. I also remember salting it do death when she left the room. I wanted to relive that memory without the excessive sodium overload. It was super easy. I felt like Laura Ingalls. Actually, I felt like Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingalls on the Little House on the Prairie television show because I got to enjoy indoor plumbing, air conditioning and store bought heavy cream while making it. Now this was supposed to be a fun project for the kids and myself; however, after a couple of shakes of the jar of cream the little ones ran off to find more exciting things to do. It tastes good, but once you refrigerate it it is just like regular butter in that it gets totally unspreadable. Makes me want one of those nifty Butter Bell Crocks I've read about before. Maybe one day.

The volcano was made possible by a sweet aunt and uncle this past Christmas. They also homeschool and knew we'd appreciate the gift. Plus what boy wouldn't love making his own lava? And doesn't my little man look too cute in the goggles?

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